Labyrinth Seals

Labyrinth Seals

What are Labyrinth Seals?

Labyrinth Seals, also called Labyrinth Rings, are a type of mechanical seal made from non-separable units of a steel inner ring and an aluminum outer ring ready for installation. Due to the very special production process both rings carry absolutely identical profiles which result in the perfect gap between both rings. This path, composed from grooves, interacts in close tolerances with an interior axle, or inside a hole, and works to prevent leakage of oil.

Labyrinth seals are made to tight tolerances in order to provide a non-contact sealing surface, which means that these seals do not need replacing due to wear.

The dimensions of the GMN Non-Contact Seals are equal or close to the dimensions of anti-friction bearings and regular contact seals.



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