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The rotational accuracy in torque transducers is everything and the key ingredient to exact performance is a super precision Angular Contact Bearing.

Why? Because this precision testing application comes down to microns. (Did you know that a micron is 1/50th the width of a human hair?! This is actually finer than smoke!)

That’s why it’s impossible to leave the most critical component in your finely tuned instrument up to chance.

German-made GMN bearings are renowned for excellence—from the quality in our materials to the hand-checked inspection of every part that leaves our manufacturing facility in Nuremberg.

Advantages of Integrating GMN Bearings into Your Rotary Torque Transducer

GMN Angular Contact Bearing - S Series

  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Longevity

GMN, with our extensive expertise in designing components for high-speed and high precision applications like rotational torque transducers, presents precision angular contact bearings that go beyond the ordinary and elevate standards in reliability.

Our precision bearings are optimized to operate with minimal drag and power loss. Due to our P4+ precision rating, the bearing’s inner diameter, outer diameter and width tolerances are measured in values of microns. This characteristic not only contributes to the overall performance of the torque transducer but also enhances its ability to provide accurate torque measurements consistently.

Of the manufacturing tolerances, the runouts (or the running tolerances), are the most critical values for bearing performance. With torque transducers specifically, rotating coils act as transformers, to communicate data between the strain gauge and the stationary housing. The criticality of minimizing runout values is especially applicable in torque transducers as rotary transformers need to be precise as possible to minimize error and provide the most accurate readings possible. For this reason, all GMN P4+ angular contact bearings are manufactured with P2 runouts. That means that for the cost of a P4 bearing, GMN’s customers are receiving a P2 precision bearing.

For more information on our P4+ angular contact bearings for rotary torque transducers, contact us today

The GMN Difference

At GMN Bearing USA, we have one of the top quality control standards in the world. 100% of our bearings are hand-checked for accuracy. This type of reliability is necessary to maintain the sensitivity needed for rotary torque tools. From sourcing high-quality raw materials, to testing and measuring 100% of the bearings, we’re serious about our commitment to quality.    

Based in here in Houston, Texas, we stand apart by offering on-site engineering support, Monday through Friday. Our team of technical experts are ready to provide assistance and conduct performance calculations tailored to your torque transducer requirements. These calculations delve into crucial details, including estimated bearing life, raceway integrity to prevent deformation, and much more. Such precise performance calculations aid in determining the optimal angular contact bearing for your torque transducer application.

Learn more about our engineering expertise

Let’s Talk!

If you’re ready to elevate the efficiency and reliability of your torque transducer, contact us today to optimize your torque measurement applications. We’re ready to help!


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