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GMN precision ball bearing sprag clutch units have widespread usage in the printing & converting industry.

GMN sprag clutches are found in envelope & mail equipment, as well as sorting/process equipment (among other printing & production functions.) This complex machinery converts unprinted paper rolls to printed, finished envelopes in a single machine workflow.

This type of meticulous manufacturing requires high levels of accuracy & repeatability.

That’s why GMN high precision FND series sprag clutches are the perfect solution, delivering high torque & reliable performance. This increased efficiency helps avoid delays & improve production.

Our sprag clutches are used in several industry-leading printing machines such as Heidelberg Presses. The FND 459-Z GMN sprag clutch is compatible with several Winkler+Dunnebier models, including:

Machine Series: BB*200, 300, 400, 600

*This is a partial list of Winkler+Dunnebier equipment that feature GMN clutches. Other models may also use this part.

The FND 459-Z Sprag clutch is the perfect match for your W+D envelope machines to make folding, processing, and printing more efficient.

Have questions about how GMN sprag clutches might be an upgrade to your printing & converting system? Contact our in-house Engineering Support with any questions. We’re happy to help!

printing and converting

FND 459-Z Specs

GMN Part #: FND 459 Z

Manufacturer: Winkler + Dunnebier

Industry: Paper Converting

Equipment Type: Envelope printing, folding, processing



For more information on GMN sprag clutches, precision bearings, tools and more, check out our comprehensive PDF guides.

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