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Besides high precision angular contact bearings and radial deep groove ball bearings, we can manufacture special bearings which are matched bearings with spacers and oil supply rings or we can manufacture bearing units ready to install.

Bearing Material Choices

You can choose between:

  • Standard bearing steel
  • Special material like: High temperature tool steel or non-corrosive steel AISI440C

Standard bearings with different dimensions are available on request.

The cages of these bearings are produced in accordance to the inner design of the bearing and correspond to the application. We use either standard materials or special materials like VESPEL, TORLON, aluminum, bronze or NiBe2.

Bearing Units

We offer complete bearing units ready to install.

We also offer various coatings like solid lubricants or protection layers. Please look at our vacuum technology page for more details.

Please note: To manufacture and ship special bearings or bearing units, we require economic lot sizes.


For certain applications, it is impossible to use standard ball bearings due to limited space, special lubrication, guidance and sub-functions that often do not allow additional machine parts.

When this happens a standard bearing has to be adapted to a specific application.

Our “Special Bearings” department assists in these adaptations and are fully experienced. We produce bearings to our customer’s specs plus any associated components, like spacers with and without oil feeding, complete bearing units and respective sub-assemblies.

The special bearings and bearing units are produced on special machine tools with the utmost precision. Because of the present machinery at GMN, the production is limited to the following dimensions:

  • max. outer diameter 120 mm
  • min. inner diameter 5 mm
  • max. width 25 mm

Examples & Applications

Example One

Special design of the outer ring for a precision linear guide.

Example Two

Special design of the outer ring and a special cage design for a vacuum pump.

A sketch of an extra wide bearing application.

Example Three

Extra wide bearing with shields for a spray gun n= 40,000 rpm

Example Four

A sketch of high frequency spindle bearing with spacer.

High Frequency Spindle bearing combined with spacer and respective oil feeding rings to increase the spread and improve oil supply

Example Five

An inside view of a gold gyroscope.

High precision special bearings for nautical gyroscopes are approved for low and constant running torque, long life time and utmost reliability.

Example Six

A silver and gold turbo molecular pump.

High precision special bearings for turbo molecular pumps are approved for low noise, high running accuracy and highest reliability.

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