Backstop Type series RA 400 | GMN Bearing USA

Type series RA 400

GMN Backstop with keyway at the inner ring and momentum lever

  • Shaft diameters 15 to 40 mm as standards
  • Complete unit double sealed with ball and roller bearing support
  • Filled up with oil for life-time
  • Keyway according DIN 6885 Bl.1
  • Standard design with FE 400 (M) inserts - on request
  • Available with FE 400 Z inserts - please add suffix "Z" to your order

Type series RA 400Type series RA 400

No. Shaft Diameter
d [mm]
Outer Diameter
D [mm]
b [mm]
M [Nm]
RA 437 Z15655161
RA 442 Z20756208
RA 453 Z25908314
RA 459 Z301008381
RA 463 Z3510010428
RA 470 Z4011012509
RA 473 Z4511014543

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