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Ball Bearing, Angular Contact HY KH 6008 E TA

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HY KH 6008 E TAHY KH 6008 E TA
Part NumberHY KH 6008 E TA
Bearing Size6008

Bearing Dimensions

Bore Diameterd [mm]40
Outer DiameterD [mm]68
Single Bearing WidthB [mm]15
Pitch Circle Diameterdm [mm]54.0
Ball DiameterDw [mm]6.35
OD Inner Ringd1 [mm]49.2
OD Inner Ring - Open Sided2 [mm]47.5
ID Outer RingD1 [mm]60.2
ID Outer Ring - Open SideD2 [mm]62.6
Chamferr1,2 [mm]1.0
Chamfer - Open Sider3,4 [mm]0.6

Bearing Load Ratings

Dynamic Radial Load RatingC [N]10500
Static Radial Load Rating - Steel BallsC0 [N]6550
Static Radial Load Rating - Si3N4 BallsC0 HY [N]4650

Bearing RPM Ratings

Speed Value - Oil Lubricationnoil [1/min]45000
Speed Value - Grease Lubricationngrease [1/min]33750
Bearing SeriesKH
Hybrid (Si3N4 Balls)Yes

Geometrical Data

Number of BallsZ [Qty]22
Contact Angleα0 [°]25
Bearing Weightm [kg]0.185

Mating Part Dimensions

Abutment Diameter Inner Ringda,b min [mm]46.0
Abutment Diameter Outer RingDa,b max [mm]62.0
Chamfer Associated Componentra max [mm]1.0
Chamfer Associated Component - Open Siderb max [mm]0.30

Bearing Preload Data

Light Pre-LoadFv [N]90
Light Axial RigidityCax [N/µm]92
Medium Pre-LoadFv [N]260
Medium Axial RigidityCax [N/µm]135
Heavy Pre-LoadFv [N]520
Heavy Axial RigidityCax [N/µm]175
Minimum Spring Pre-LoadFf [N]500


  1. Position of the oiling Nozzle (dT) for bearings with TA cage/ TXM cage upon request
  2. The stated load and speed values are given for a spring preloaded single bearing with oil/air or oil mist lubrication. If specific applications differ, please consult correction factors and/or GMN USA engineers.

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