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CF Seals

CF Labyrinth Seal Advantages

  • No Rotating Friction
  • No Wear. Because of the non-contact design, the seal has a limitless life (pending hard contamination and damage from outside sources)
  • No Abrasion. Again because of the non-contact design, the seal itself does no develop contamination from wearable surfaces.
  • Limitless RPM rating. As stated above, the seals are engineered to exceed any similarly sized bearings that they will be mounted near.
  • No running temperature increase. No wear within or rubbing on the seal means no frictional temperature increases.
  • No power loss. Many applications require a zero torque/power loss when rotating a highly precise mechanism. A labyrinth seal can actually increase efficiency when replacing a traditional seal.
  • Compact Design. The seal is small enough that even some re-builds can include a new GMN CF Labyrinth seal. This also potentially saves cost on new designs because there is little axial space required.
  • Efficiency. The revolutionary GMN CF labyrinth seal design can produce 100% sealing efficiency with heavy splashing liquids even while not rotating. Please see this CF video for an example.
  • The CF non-contact seal only requires a small cylinder to push the seal into place and the installation is complete; quick and easy. Please see the installation instructions to support your efforts here.

Materials used on CF Seals

The GMN CF seal is standard with Nitride Steel for the 6000 and 61900 series. While the 6200 series is standard in Aluminum. The steel labyrinth seals have a temperature range of -40-170°C [-40-338°F] and the aluminum labyrinth seals have a temperature range of -40°C-200°C [-40-392°F].

The steel non-contact seals can be either ground or un-ground precision. If the seal is going to be mounted flush to a bearing, then grinding of the seal faces are strongly suggested. This will ensure a proper seat and passage of preload through the seal to the bearing. If the seal is going to be offset from the bearing, then turned surfaces will more than suffice and can save cost. The Aluminum non-contact seals are standard in turned quality, but can also be ground under special circumstances, but this is not usually necessary. See individual CF data sheets for specifications.


The GMN CF non-contact labyrinth seal technically does not have a speed limit. This is because the highly engineered design and suggested tolerances are set to exceed any bearing speed ratings (Please see the individual spec pages for tolerancing). If you feel that your application is a particularly high RPM, feel free to contact us and we can support any special tolerancing that may be needed.

This diagram represents the speed limits for standard tolerancing for most applications. However, special tolerancing and other adjustments can create a successful application above these RPM ratings.


All GMN non-contact labyrinth seals are highly engineered for maximum sealing efficiency and life. The CF seal is the next step in why GMN is the technology leader in labyrinth seals. The GMN CF seal was designed with principals from many disciplines; geometry, physics, rotor dynamics, materials engineering, etc. The CF seal utilizes radial steps for contaminant expunging and axial steps to reduce the overall medium that actually enters the seal. The radial steps are supported with rotation and centrifugal forces, but the CF seal does not require rotation for highly effective sealing; please see the CF video.

For many applications, dust can be the contaminant. GMN has an answer for this as well by pre-greasing the seal labyrinth. When this is done, the internal grease will stop the dust contaminate from getting to and reducing the life of the systems bearings.

It is important to note that all GMN labyrinth seals are directionally specific when being mounted. This means that the contaminate side should always be double checked before installation occurs.


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