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Internal Clearances for Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Tolerances for Radial Ball Bearings / Deep Groove Ball Bearings, include but are not limited to; dimensional accuracy, running accuracy, etc., and are regulated by standards such as DIN, Abec, ISO, and JIS B1514. For dimensional accuracy, these standards specify the tolerance and permissible values for the boundary dimensions (bore diameter, outside diameter, width, assembled bearing width, chamfer, taper, etc). For machining accuracy, the standards provide permissible variation limits on bore, mean bore, outside diameter, mean outside diameter, ring width, etc. Many of these accuracy measurements are defined as Precision Bearing Runout(s). These runout measurements are what defines the rotational accuracy of the bearing.

Bearing runout tolerances are included in the standards for inner and outer ring radial & axial runout, inner ring side runout with bore, and outer ring surface runout with side. Please click here to reference these tolerances.

Below are tables outlining the Internal Clearance options and tolerances of those internal clearances for Radial Ball Bearings. Internal Clearance is the amount the balls can move relative to the race ways in a free state. Combining internal clearance choices with installation clearances or press fits of mating parts will provide the resultant internal clearance for a given deep groove ball bearing. Please reference the below tables and feel free to contact GMN Bearing USA engineering support with any questions.

Bearing Tolerance Classes

Deep Groove Ball Bearings Applicable Tolerance Classes
Equivalent standards (Reference)
JIS (1) Class 0 Class 6 Class 5 Class 4 Class 2
DIN (2) P 0 P 6 P 5 P 4 P 2
AFBMA (3) ABEC 1 ABEC 3 ABEC 5 (Class 5P) ABEC 7 (Class 7P) ABEC 9 (Class 9P)
(1) JIS: Japanese Industrial Standards
(2) DIS: Deutsche Industrie Norm
(3) AFBMA: Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturer’s Association
Nominal Bore Diameter d (mm) Clearance
C 2 Normal C 3 C 4 C5
over incl over-incl over-incl over-incl over-incl over-incl
10 only   0-7 2-13 8-23 14-29 20-37
10 18 0-9 3-18 11-25 18-33 25-45
18 24 0-10 5-20 13-28 20-36 28-48
24 30 1-11 5-20 13-28 23-41 30-53
30 40 1-11 6-20 15-33 28-46 40-64
40 50 1-11 6-23 18-36 30-51 45-73

Radial Internal Clearances of Small and Miniature Bearings

Clearance Mark MC1 MC2 MC3 MC4 MC5 MC6
Clearance min-max min-max min-max min-max min-max min-max
0-5 3-8 5-10 8-13 13-20 20-28
Units: µm

Deep Groove Ball Bearings for Electric Motors

Nominal Bore Dia. d(mm) Clearance
over-incl min-max
10(inch)-18 4-11
18-30 5-12
30-50 9-17
Units: µm

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