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Deep groove radial ball bearings are radial deep groove ball bearings which support axial and radial loads in both directions and are suitable for high speeds.

High precision deep groove ball bearings are always the best solution when axial loads from two directions have to be transmitted, and existing space does not allow installation of matched spindle bearings, or the best possible guidance of rotating parts is required and speed is less important

Depending on the required load carrying capacity and the available space, GMN offers series sizes 6000 and 6200 deep groove ball bearings as per DIN 625.

A large number of different cages, lubricants and closures allow a design of bearing execution to fit most applications. The necessary radial clearance can be specified by GMN application engineers if desired.

An additional increase in speed or service life can be realized with hybrid deep groove bearings. Some types are available as extra wide special bearings with extended grease reservoir.

radial ball bearings

Radial Bearing Series Extra Wide

  • Non-separable type
  • High-precision ball bearings of extra wide design with shields on both sides for high speed and grease lubrication are used in drilling, milling or grinding spindles for special operating conditions.
  • The non-contact shields form a labyrinth seal together with the recess in the inner ring.
  • The bearing friction is scarcely influenced by this. Due to the labyrinth seal, the lubricant is retained in the bearing so that the bearing can achieve long service times, corresponding to operating speeds, with only one grease fill (for-life lubrication).



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  • Deep Groove Ball Bearing Tolerances - Internal Clearance Tolerances for rolling bearings, i.e., dimensional accuracy, running accuracy, etc., are regulated by standards such as JIS and ISO. Read More

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