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Installing Free-wheel Clutches

Mounting tolerance:
bore D = N7 for size 6207 and 6208 bore = N6
shaft d = n6

Keyway specifications according to DIN 6885, Bl. 3 (P9) with back clearance, for size 6207 to DIN 6885 Bl. 1.

Machine parts, in which Free-wheel Clutches are pressed in or on can be of ferrous or nonferrous material. If you considered to use nonferrous material please contact our technical staff first.

For pressed in or on rings, no retainers are necessary for axial or radial security. During mounting do not apply pressure to bearing balls. Even the keywayed inner rings of series FKN 62.. have to be press fitted for proper function. Press fit will be achieved by using the correct tolerance of the shaft "n6"!

Attention: Please take care for total cleaning of Free-wheel rings and mating parts before press fitting (no grease particles left in the press fit area).

After installation a radial clearance between C2 and C5 will be reached. To create a clearance of C2 you should produce your shaft at the highest point and your housing at the lowest point of the allowed tolerances.

The RSR-seals used for these clutches would seal against dust and grease lubrication. Oil lubrication and merging into liquids is not possible. The "open" and "2RS" style are the standard program. With these types it is not necessary to specify clutch engagement direction.

Engagement direction:
With the "RS" style it is necessary to specify clutch engagement direction. A single seal is always mounted beside the clutch, not beside the ball bearing.

free wheel bearing installation

Engagement direction "right": Engagement direction of the inner ring, view at the seal Engagement direction "left": When ordering a Free-wheel Clutch with opposite engagement, the suffix "L" must be placed after the catalog number.

Lubrication: GMN Clutches (except the sealed clutches of series FK 62.. and FKN 62..) are shipped rust protected - not lubricated. Sealed ball bearing clutches "RS" and "2RS" are shipped grease lubricated for life time.

For further information please see our indications of lubrication.

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