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Free Wheel Clutches

GMN Free Wheel Clutches are one way rotation couplings, transmitting torque in one direction and allow idling (freewheel) in the opposite direction. GMN sprag type clutches were originally designed to maximize torque capacity for required installation real estate. This engineering target has created clutches with the highest number of sprags per a given diameter in the industry.

GMN manufactures one way clutch bearings in two different sprag sizes to be used as indexing devices, backstopping clutches or overrunning clutches. GMN sprag type clutches are offered; with races, without races, with and without keyways, or combinations thereof. These combinations of options have opened GMN clutches to fill the needs of a multitude of industries and applications around the world.

  • Sprag Type Clutches & Bearings A sprag clutch has rolling elements that are allowed to roll freely in one direction, and lock when rolled the opposite direction. Read More
  • Insert Elements & Bearings Insert Bearings are specifically designed for mounting on shafts without using adapters, lock-nuts, or shoulders. Read More
  • Ball Bearing Free-Wheel Clutches The GMN Ball bearing clutches are the perfect combination of bearing and clutch reduced to the original dimensions Read More
  • Free Wheel Clutch & Bearing Units GMN complete free wheeling clutch units are the perfect combination of GMN insert elements with hardened and ground rings and bearing support. Double seal and pre-greasing are optional. Read More
  • Backstop Clutches - One Way Bearings GMN Backstopping Clutches with momentum lever are the combination of a complete unit out of series FND 400 with a momentum lever. Read More
  • Roller Ramp Clutches Roller Clutches are not self supporting and require outside bearing support to guarantee absolute concentric operation of inner and outer ring. Read More

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