FND 400

free wheel unit fnd 400

Type series FND 400

GMN complete units with press fit at outer ring and keyway at inner ring

  • shaft diameters 15 to 40 mm as standard
  • complete unit double sealed with ball- and roller bearing support
  • filled up with oil for life-time
  • keyway according DIN 6885 Bl.1
  • standard design with FE 400 (M) inserts - on request available with FE 400 Z inserts - please add suffix "Z" to your order.
No. Shaft Diameter
d [mm]
Outer Diameter
D [mm]
b [mm]
M [Nm]
FND 437 M154134176
FND 437 Z154134161
FND 442 M204634223
FND 442 Z204634208
FND 453 M255834343
FND 453 Z255834314
FND 459 M306434411
FND 459 Z306434381
FND 463 M356834462
FND 463 Z356834428
FND 470 M407534550
FND 470 Z407534509
FND 473 M457834588
FND 473 Z457834543

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