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Technology of Free Wheel Units

Complete Unit

Our complete units combine ground and hardened rings made of 100 Cr 6 (AISI E 52100), a Free-wheel Clutch insert element, ball- and roller bearing support as complete and compact unit. The standard type includes an insert element with meander spring out of series FE 400 M. Of course the insert element out of series FE 400 Z is also available on request - simply add the "Z" with your order. Beside the insert element a ball bearing and a roller bearing could be found which provide complete bearing support (type FP and FN. Double seal and prelubrication optional, (type FND, FPD).

For proper function of the complete unit the correct gap size is inevitable. Please note that the correct gap size will be achieved when the clutch is pressed onto the shaft and into the housing with the correct tolerances. This is especially important for all thin walled rings.

The stated torque capacities in the data sheets show the optimum values. The torque is transmitted reliably when the clutch is mounted within the specified tolerances.

Double sealed complete units (type FPD and FND) are filled with oil for lifetime. Type FP and FN are rust protected only - no lubrication.

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