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Gap Seals

Gap Seal

GMN Gap Seals are made from high quality plastic material whose major benefit is the extreme resistance against lots of chemicals, bacteria and fungi. It is resistant against splashing water as well.

The second important benefit of the Gap Seal is the conical envelop of the labyrinth gap which leads eventually penetrating liquids back due to centrifugal force.


Product Numbers

  • Type S Gap Seals For heavy contamination and lightly splashing liquids and suitable for rotating shaft and/or housings Read More
  • Type Sa Gap Seals This version is only to be used with rotating shafts and contains a drain groove at the outer ring may be used in case of heavy splashing liquids. Read More

Product Information

  • Gap Seal Technical Info The acetaresin our seals are made of is resistant against a large variety of chemicals. Read More
  • Seal Applications Especially used by sealing high speed machine parts and to seal against a large variety of chemicals, bacteria and fungi. Read More
  • Installing Gap Seals We have provided you with a set of instructions for installing our equipment. Read More

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