FRN 400 & FRN 400 Z Insert Elements

FRN 400 Z Insert Elements

GMN freewheel clutch with hardened and ground race rings - press fitted to the housing - slip fitted to the keywayed shaft.
Product characteristics :

  • To be used if customers parts are not hardened and not ground. This type also requires additional bearing support.
  • Shaft diameters 10 to 45 mm as standards. Standard design with FE 400 (M) inserts.
  • On request available with FE 400 Z inserts - please add suffix "Z" to your order.
No. shaftdia. d [mm] outerdia. D [mm] width b [mm] torque M [Nm]
FRN 427 M10311292
FRN 427 Z10311283
FRN 432 M123612128
FRN 432 Z123612117
FRN 437 M154112169
FRN 437 Z154112154
FRN 442 M204612212
FRN 442 Z204612198
FRN 453 M255812321
FRN 453 Z255812294
FRN 459 M306412332
FRN 459 Z306412353
FRN 463 M356812427
FRN 463 Z356812393
FRN 470 M407512506
FRN 470 Z407512466
FRN 473 M457812539
FRN 473 Z457812496

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