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Installing Labyrinth Seals

Mounting instructions for Labyrinth Seals

Both rings of a Labyrinth Seal must be in a flush position.

Labyrinth Seal Labyrinth Seal

housing: K7; M7; N7
shaft: h6; j6; k6
surface finish: Rz <= 6.3 µm


Labyrinth Seal

If your design requires looser fitting of the seal due to ease of mounting you might use the tolerance H7; G7 respectively g6; f7. When using this fit, it will be necessary to take care for additional fixing of the GMN Labyrinth Seal to the housing or shaft by using additional gluing.

Please have in mind that the outer ring might be at maximum 0.1 mm wider than the inner ring.


The axial clearance as shown in the table of dimensions means the total axial movement of both rings from one end position to the other. If mounting the seal flush it may allow half the axial clearance in either direction.

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