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Installing Non-Contact Seals

One of the most important requirements for mounting GMN-Non Contact Seals of any type is to take care for wobble free running of the inner ring. This may be achieved by pressing the inner ring against a shoulder when ever possible due to the design of the shaft. High accuracy is required for shaft and shoulder.

The following methods of mounting may be used for Labyrinth Seals and Gap Seals as well.

Method I (Face mounting)

If the GMN Seal can be mounted from the face we suggest to use a mounting bushing covering the seals inner and outer ring at the same time to push the seal in place. As both rings are almost of the same width you will reach the perfect working position that way. With the Labyrinth Seals the outer ring might be wider than the inner ring up to a maximum of 0.1 mm, which usually doesn't matter too much. For units of extreme accuracy or if the axial clearance would be of high importance we recommend a recess at the mounting bushing in the area of the aluminum outer ring for optimum positioning of the seal.

method I method I


Method II (mounting inside the unit)

In case that face mounting is not possible due to the design or functional requirement we recommend another way of mounting.

method II
The GMN Seal should be fitted to the shaft.
method II
The shaft can be pushed slowly into the housing. In this case the housing flange will be kept in position by a split distance ring of the width Sa/2.
method II
After removing the distance ring the flange will be fitted to the housing. This way the seals outer ring is carried into the right working position by the press fit of the outer ring to the flange


Method III

This way of mounting might be used for applications when method I or II will not work.

method III
The GMN Seal will be mounted to the housing flange.
method III
The shaft will be pushed slowly into the housing, while the seal's outer ring is kept in position by a split distance ring of high accuracy.


After the assembly the distance ring will be removed and both rings will be in the perfect position for high sealing efficiency.

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