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Non-Contact Seals Technology

The table below shows the most important advantages of Non-Contact Seals compared with lip seals.

CriteriaLip SealNon-Contact Seal
Wear by friction none
Power Loss by friction none --> savings of energy --> may lead to smaller driving units
Temperature Increase see diagram none
Speed Limit depending on material none
Live limited by wear unlimited
Lubrication required at the sealing location no lubrication required for the seal
Mating Parts hardening and grinding required for the shaft at higher speeds to reduce wear hardening and grinding not necessary
Temperature Range limited due to material (plastic or rubber) from very low to very high - 40° C - 140° C (plastic material)- 40° F - 340° F (metallic material steel + aluminum)
Space Requirement small formerly large - customer designed labyrinth seals; now small GMN Labyrinth seals
Field of Applications grease lubrication grease lubrication
oil lubrication oil lubrication if oil level below sealing diameter oil mist lubrication
water - limited, as water may increase the friction at sealing location water - with the use of rust proof materials and level below sealing diameter
fine and coarse granular contamination not possible, as this environment causes rapid wear of the lips fine and coarse granular contamination can be sealed reliably if applied to horizontal shaft

Non-Contact Seals Technology

Spindle equipped with lip seal
Spindle equipped with GMN Labyrinth Seals
(Temperature increase caused by the bearings - not by the seal)


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