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Non-Contact Seals

Non-Contact Seals

The GMN Non-Contact Seals are the right alternative for customer designed labyrinth seals which are expensive and difficult to produce. Our products are effective but not expensive due to the compact design and easy installation for the most applications. They are working properly independent of inner or outer ring rotation or of both parts turn.

Non-Contact Seals may be used as an alternative even to contact or rubber seals, especially at higher speeds. Fine or coarse granular contamination as well as splashing liquids can be sealed reliably. There are quite some applications where a Non-Contact seal may be used as the first step of a complex sealing system when a contact seal is required but has to be protected against granular or dusty environment to increase the life of the whole unit or seal assembly.


  • Non-Contact Seals Technology Being removed from the pressure of friction allow Non-Contact Seals to outperform competitors. Read More
  • Seal Applications View the many different applications that these Seals can be used on. Read More
  • Installing Non-Contact Seals The most important requirements for mounting GMN-Non Contact Seals of any type is to take care for wobble free running of the inner ring. Read More

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