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Cross Reference Tool for Precision Angular Contact Bearings

Below is the Precision Angular Contact Bearing Cross Reference tool we have all been waiting for. Simply choose the brand of bearing for the part number you wish to cross to a GMN precision angular contact bearing part number. Then start to enter this part number, as the number is entered the GMN part number will start to populate automatically!

  • Be sure to be as complete as possible, example part numbers are provided.
  • A full part number break down of the matched bearing cross reference for the GMN part number is provided below to support ones efforts.
  • This Precision Angular Contact Bearing Cross Reference is designed for most part number crosses. Many specials are included, but the clandestine bearing market has created many more specials than could be covered in entirety. If this occurs, please call GMN USA for technical support with your part number cross. We are always improving our bearing cross reference tool, this feedback is much appreciated.

Select Angular Contact Manufacturer:

Enter BARDEN Bearing Part Number:

  *Include spaces as shown below
  examples: 105HCL
C202 HE GH P2 DM
ZSB1915RR X205 QL

GMN Angular Contact Bearing Part Number

Ball Material
Ring Material
Series S
Bearing Size
Nominal Contact Angle Custom contact angle, contact GMN USA engineering for support.
Cage TA Laminated phenolic resin cage, outer ring guided
Precision P4+ Tolerance class P4+ corresponds to P4S per DIN 628-6, with stated deviatons
Bearing Sets
Matching U Universal matching

GMN Matching Product Numbers:

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    DISCLAIMER: The data provided on this page is for general information purposes only. While the intention is to provide accurate information, the calculations performed by this tool are based on publically available information distributed by third parties and assume the accuracy of such information. There is NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTY, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of this information or its applicability to your engineering situation.

    Please consult your own engineering consultant before making any technical decisions.

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