Precision Bearing System Tolerance Calculator - Standards and RPM

The below precision bearing system tolerance calculator is to support engineers in the initial stages of their product design. The below bearing, shaft, and housing tolerances are per ABEC / DIN / ISO standards. There is also a built in RPM tolerance adjustment. The RPM adjustment factor is done per GMN internal standards and experience to insure a proper inner race press fit at high RPM’s. Inner race slippage can cause premature bearing failure for a super precision bearing application.

Every application may have specifics that need to be taken into account to adjust a standard system tolerance strategy to unique parameters. Please contact GMN Bearing USA Ltd engineers for technical support and questions.

Note: There is also a Precision Bearing System Tolerance Calculator – Thermal Effects to support engineers in applications with higher (or lower) temperatures.

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Precision Bearing System Tolerance Calculator
Precision Bearing Tolerance Calculator
Shaft Tolerancing
Nominal diameter toleranceNominal diameter tolerance[μm]
Axial runoutAxial runoutt2
Mean surface roughnessMean surface roughnessRa
Part Number
Housing Tolerancing
Nominal diameter tolerance –
Fixed bearing OD
Nominal diameter tolerance[μm]
Nominal diameter tolerance –
Floating bearing OD
Nominal diameter tolerance
Axial runoutAxial runoutt2
Mean surface roughnessMean surface roughnessRa
GMN Recommended Shaft Tolerance Correction for Application RPM - utilizing n · dm factor*
Bearing dm [mm]Application n · dmCorrected Nominal Interference [μm]Corrected Nominal Diameter Tolerance [μm]

*There are many factors that go into proper tolerancing; bearing size, RPM, temperature, materials, duty cycle, etc. All can play a role in proper tolerancing. This page is designed to be a guide for general applications. GMN Bearing USA Ltd. and its partners make no representations or warranties of any kind regarding the tool and information contained on this page. Any use or reliance upon this tool and information shall be at the sole risk of the user and GMN Bearing USA Ltd. shall have no liability whatsoever with respect to any decisions or actions made by the user based on results obtained from this tool and information.

DISCLAIMER: The data provided on this page is for general information purposes only. While the intention is to provide accurate information, the calculations performed by these tools/calculators are mathematical estimates only and errors may exist in the supplied information. There is NO WARRANTY OR GUARANTY, expressed or implied, regarding the accuracy of this information or its applicability to your engineering situation. Please consult your own engineering consultant before making any technical decisions.

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