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We stock GMN manufactured high precision bearings, manufactured in ABEC 7 (P4+) accuracy classes with ABEC 9 (P2) running accuracy. GMN bearings are known for reliability, precision, and quality since 1908.

Our large inventory of high precision bearings is available in many sizes, and options. Most major precision bearing brands can be interchanged with a GMN high precision bearing. 99% of our orders are shipped out the same day the PO is sent!

Our High Precision Ball Bearings

Applications that operate at high speeds, carry heavy loads, and/or require tight rigidity usually require an ABEC 7 high precision bearing. Our GMN German-manufactured, ABEC 7 high precision bearings are a great choice for these applications.

Our top product lines for precision bearings include angular contact ball bearings and radial ball bearings.

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular Contact Ball Bearings

Angular contact bearings, also known as spindle bearings, support high RPMs, medium to heavy loads, & axial loads in one direction. Our angular contact bearing product lines include our S, SM, and KH series.

Sizes (mm) & speeds (RPM) ranging from:

ID (d): 5 to 120 OD (D): 14 to 180
W (b): 4 to 28 Speed (RPM): 9,700 to 287,500

Single row, with your choice of steel or ceramic balls and contact angles at 15° to 25°

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Radial Ball Bearings

Radial Ball Bearings

Radial ball bearings, also known as deep groove ball bearings, support low to moderate RPMs, medium loads in both axial directions. GMN’s top radial ball bearings include our 6000 & 6200 series, both manufactured to ISO 15 standards.

Internal clearance options: C2, C3, C4.

Sizes (mm) & speeds ranging from:

ID (d): 5 to 40 OD (D): 16 to 80
W (b): 5 to 18 Speed (RPM): 22,500 to 129,375

Non-separable bearings with either steel or ceramic balls & a standard contact angle of 8°

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Other Ball Bearing Brands We Supply

Other Ball Bearing Brands We Supply

Along with our GMN manufactured ball bearing products, we supply ABEC 5 radial bearings from ORS. This includes the ORS THIN, 6000, 6200, and 6300 series.

Reach out to our engineers today to find the ball bearing that best fits your needs!

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Special High Precision Bearings

Applications that operate in extreme environments typically require special bearings. We offer customized bearing options to best fit applications such as:

  • Vacuum environments with no oxygen (outer space solar panels)
  • Semiconductors that operate in very high heat conditions
  • Touchdown bearings that perform in intense environments
  • Medical devices that operate in a sterile clean room

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What Applications Use Precision Ball Bearings?

Bearings are used across industries such as aerospace, robotics & automation, power generation, medical, construction, automotive, and more. Our engineers work with a variety of applications. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Spindles
  • Metal Cutting & woodworking spindles
  • Grinders
  • Vacuum pumps
  • Semiconductor components
  • High-speed rolling mills
  • Printers
  • Race cars
  • Turbochargers

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Contact GMN Bearing USA for Precision Bearings!

Give our team a call today to learn more about our ball bearing options!

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Precision Bearing FAQ

Do I need Angular Contact or Radial Ball Bearing?

Generally speaking, if your precision bearing will be operating at high speeds with heavy loads, you will probably need an Angular Contact Bearing. These bearings are optimized for higher speeds and are designed with more balls per bearing.

If you aren't using your bearing at high operational speeds or you don't have the machine space for a matched set of bearings then Radial Ball Bearings will probably be your best fit.

What precision standards do we have for our bearings?

Bearing precision is important, especially if your equipment is using the bearing at max speed. Precision classes set the bearing properties to ensure uniformity and regulation standards are met.

Our Manufactured Bearing Standards:

  • Tolerance standards for dimensional, form and running accuracy: ISO 492, and DIN 620
  • Manufactured to precision P4+ and precision class UP+
  • Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC): ABEC 7 and ABEC 9
  • For special applications (like vacuum pumps, gyroscopes and optical systems) we manufacture bearings to the highest internal tolerance classes.
Is GMN a Bearing Distributor?

No. We carry GMN high precision bearings, freewheel clutches and seals. All manufactured at GMN Germany.

Because of the relationships we have built over time, we do stock other product lines from quality brands. We do this only if GMN Germany doesn’t manufacture an equivalent GMN product.

For example, we offer ORS radial ball bearings because GMN doesn’t produce A5 radial ball bearings, a product that will support speeds as low as 3300 rpm. We heard from our customers that they need these types of radial ball bearings for certain applications, so we made a decision to start carrying ORS radial ball bearings.

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