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FE 528 Z Freewheel Clutch Insert Element

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Part Number FE 528 Z
Series FE 400
Spring Type Z (Tension)
Type Freewheel Clutch Insert Element
Hardened Steel Rings No
A GMN sprag clutch below two drawings representing the width and diameter of the clutch.


Bore Diameter d [mm] 120
Outer Diameter D [mm] 128
Width W [mm] 12

Geometric Data

Weight [kg] 0.070

Shaft & Housing Tolerances

Shaft & Housing Chamfer 1mm × 15°
Shaft Tolerance h5
Housing Tolerance H6
Shaft & Housing Hardness HRC 60+4, Ehd1 ≥ 1.3 mm
Shaft & Housing Surface Rz ≤ 2.5 µm


Nominal Torque T [N⋅m] 1,127
Nominal Torque T [ft⋅lb] 831.200
Max. Indexing Frequency [Hz] 10
Max. Speed n [RPM] 1,300
Max. Temperature [°C] 140
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