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FN 473 M Complete Freewheel Clutch Unit

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Part Number FN 473 M
Series FN
Spring Type M (Meander)
Type Complete Freewheel Clutch Unit
Sealed No
Integrated Ball Bearing Yes
Integrated Roller Bearing Yes
Lubrication None
GMN FN 453 sprag clutch below two drawings representing the width and diameter of the clutch.


Bore Diameter d [mm] 45
Outer Diameter D [mm] 78
Width W [mm] 27

Geometric Data

Outer Ring Keyway No
Inner Ring Keyway Yes
Weight [kg] 0.580
Inner Ring Keyway Width b [mm] 14
Inner Ring Keyway Depth t [mm] 3.800

Shaft & Housing Tolerances

Shaft & Housing Chamfer 1mm × 15°
Shaft Tolerance k5
Housing Tolerance H6


Nominal Torque T [N⋅m] 588
Nominal Torque T [ft⋅lb] 433.700
Max. Indexing Frequency [Hz] 60
Max. Speed n [RPM] 2,500
Max. Dynamic Radial Load Cdyn [N] 14,128
Max. Static Radial Load Cstat [N] 19,896
Max. Temperature [°C] 140
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