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The dimensions of our ball-bearing sprag clutches are sized according to our radial ball bearings. Even our sealed sprag clutch products (2RS) are exactly the same dimensions as radial ball bearings due to the fact that the seals don’t extend outside the width of the clutch.

The Special Design of GMN’s Ball-Bearing Sprag Clutch

Our ball-bearing freewheel clutch units are designed with an inner and outer steel ring, precision ball bearings and your choice of no seals, sealed on one side or sealed on both sides.

A meander spring or tension spring is available for the ball bearing sprag clutch units. If your application needs indexing, then the meander spring (M) is recommended. If your application needs a backstop mode of operation, then a tension spring (Z) is recommended. Overrunning is used with either a meander (M) spring or tension (Z) spring.

Please note that the load capacity of the unit is smaller than the bearing. The “RS” seals are comparable to bearing “RD” seals, however they are not designed to seal against liquids. The FK 6203 is only offered with a single seal to maintain the original width of the bearing.

The Function of a Ball Bearing Clutch

For proper function of the complete unit the correct gap size is required.

Please note: The correct gap size is achieved when the clutch is pressed onto the shaft and into the housing with the correct tolerances.

Torque Information

The torque capacity, listed on the product datasheet, shows the optimum values and is calculated from an ideal application.

The torque is transmitted reliably when the clutch is mounted within the specified tolerances.

Please note that the tolerances of the keyway inner rings of series FKN are specified to achieve a light press fit. The reason for this is that the keyway alone would not be able to transmit the full torque capacity of the clutch.

Lubrication Options for a Ball Bearing Clutch

Our open (no seals) ball bearing clutches are shipped rust protected – not lubricated.

The sealed ball-bearing clutches are designated as “RS” and “2RS” in the product number and are shipped grease lubricated for life.

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