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Mounting instructions for Gap Seals

Both rings of a Gap Seals must be in a flush position.


housing: H8
shaft (up to 80 mm diameter): h10
         (over 80 mm diameter): h9
surface finish: Rz <= 10 µm

The length “l” of the chamfers of shaft and housing depends on the seals width “b”.

l = 0,1 x b

The axial end play of seals inner and outer ring in mounted position will be roughly 0.5 mm (from one end position to the opposite). When mounting the seals in flush position you may use half the value (0.25 mm) in either direction.

Care should be taken that the larger labyrinth diameter is always facing the medium to be sealed (the smaller one is pointing to the “dry” side).

When using the “Sa” or “Si” Type, care should be taken that the drain notch in the stationary part is always located at the lowest point.

Dimensions of the mating parts: The drawing should give some tips for the design of the mating parts. For optimum sealing efficiency of a GMN Gap Seal the maximum or minimum connecting diameter should not be exceeded.

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