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Seal CF 6203 A0

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CF 6203 A0
Part NumberCF 6203 A0
SeriesCF 62
Drain GroovesNo


Inner Ring MaterialAluminum
Outer Ring MaterialAluminum

Shaft & Housing Tolerances

Shaft Tolerancek5
Housing ToleranceJ6
Shaft & Housing SurfaceRz ≤ 16µm ; Ra ≤ 3.2µm


Bore DiameterID [mm]17
Outer DiameterOD [mm]40
WidthW [mm]6
Minor Gap Diametere1 [mm]25
Major Gap Diametere2 [mm]35
Axial Clearance1Sax [mm]1

Misc. Data

Weight [kg]0.017
Max Speed2 [rpm]50,200
Temperature Range [°C]-40 – 200


  1. Other materials available on request.
  2. Axial Clearance (Sax) = The total axial movement of the seal’s inner ring in relation to the outer ring in the axial direction.
  3. The stated speed value is contingent on utilizing specified tolerances, correct installation techniques, and an operating temperature below the specified maximum. CF60/619 Seals are installed between the spindle bearing and the shaft nut. This prevents any axial mobility and removes the need for a speed limit.
  4. Installation example with preload transferred through seal.
  5. Installation example with gap between seal and bearing.
  6. Mounting aid suggested to ensure proper axial alignment after installation.

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