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Sprag Clutch, Complete Freewheel Clutch Unit FND 470 M

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FND 470 M
Part NumberFND 470 M
TypeComplete Freewheel Clutch Unit
SpringM (Meander)
Inner Ring KeywayYes
Outer Ring KeywayNo
Integrated Ball BearingYes
Integrated Roller BearingYes

Shaft & Housing Tolerances

Shaft Tolerancek5
Housing ToleranceH6
Shaft & Housing Chamfer1mm × 15°

Geometrical Data

Bore Diameterd [mm]40
Outer DiameterD [mm]75
WidthW [mm]34
Inner Ring Keyway Widthb [mm]12
Inner Ring Keyway Deptht [mm]3.3
Weight [kg]0.69


Nominal TorqueT [N*m]550
Nominal TorqueT [ft*lb]405.7
Max. Static Radial LoadCstat [N]19840
Max. Dynamic Radial LoadCdyn [N]14050
Max. Indexing Frequency [Hz]60
Max. Speedn [RPM]1000
Max. Operating Temperature [°C]110


  1. The stated speed and torque ratings are contingent on utilizing specified tolerances, correct installation techniques, and operating temperature and load conditions below the specified maximums. If specific applications differ, please consult GMN USA engineers.

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