Labyrinth / Non Contact Seal Applications

Non Contact Seal Applications

Non Contact Seals in Machine Tools Industry

The original application and primary application for labyrinth seals is the machine tool industry. A high cost CNC spindle can greatly increase its service life and reduce overall lifetime cost of ownership with a well designed and implemented GMN non-contact seal.

Food Manufacturing

cf seal food application

GMN non-contact seals have been used in general food manufacturing to protect the internals of any rotating equipment. This includes production for meats, produce, grains, and even prescription pill making (dust). Many of these applications require either a food grade aluminum or plastic and sometimes a food grade grease.

Wash down conveyers

cf seal conveyor application

This also can be within the food industry, but also many other industries in general. Conveyers that must be kept clean and washed regularly need to protect their bearings to increase the service life of the entire conveyer system. A marginal cost in GMN labyrinth seals can increase the working life of a conveyer many times over.

High speed motors

cf seal motor application

High speed motors or other sensitive rotational equipment. There are many instances where a non-contact seal is highly preferred over a contact seal simply because of the power loss savings. Highly accurate encoders cannot accept a contact seal power loss and error probabilities.

These are just a couple of the vast applications that GMN Labyrinth seals can be utilized in. Packaging equipment, Textile mills, Agricultural, electric motors, etc. can all use a labyrinth seal to increase the service life of the overall machine.

Wheel Hub Assemblies

cf seal wheel hub application

A common application for Non-Contact seals is the outermost protection for a wheel hub assembly. A non-contact seal can be the main or sole protection from the environment; including any precipitation. All of the benefits of GMN's highly engineered labyrinth seals can be taken advantage of for hub assemblies. However, efficiency and no power loss are key's for extended fuel economy for transportation. The importance of 'miles per gallon' or equivalent is only raising by the day, a labyrinth seal will only support these efforts!

Paper Industry

cf seal paper industry application

While making paper, many liquids and powders are produced and utilized throughout the production process. A labyrinth seal can be utilized as the first, and primary line of defense for all of the rotating elements used to move the paper through the factory. These non-contact seals will last the life of the roller and extend the overall life of the roller. This equates to a reduction in bottom line manufacturing costs.

Textile Industry

textile applicate for cf seals

Similar to the paper industry, the production of textiles can be very dusty and may include varying liquids throughout the process including dies and abrasive liquids. For the vast amount of rotating equipment involved, a labyrinth seal can support the extended useful life and reduce the number of maintenance events in a given period of time.

Packaging Industry

cf seal packaing application

The vast packaging industry can utilize a non-contact seal in many many applications. This can be conveyer lines, material input lines, output lines, production process, etc. All of these different types of rotating equipment need to last as long as possible to reduce overall manufacturing costs and expensive down time from production. A labyrinth seal should be a part of any rotating equipment sealing strategy withing the packaging industry.

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