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Sprag Clutches & Bearings


What is a Sprag Clutch?

A sprag clutch resembles a roller bearing, but instead of allowing the elements to roll freely in both directions the rolling elements are allowed to roll freely in one direction, and lock when rolled the opposite direction.


How do Sprag Clutches work?

Contained within a sprag clutch bearing there are insert elements consisting of a cage, sprags (number in relation to the shaft size) and a spring to preload the friction contact between those sprags and the mating parts. These so called insert elements are not self centering and require additional bearing support for proper function as provided with our complete units, ball bearing sizes and backstops.

Need more information on the technology of How Sprag Clutches Work?

The most remarkable advantages:

1.) Small masses of the sprags

Small masses allow high indexing frequencies (up to 60 Hz) due to low inertia.

2.) Small sprags save space

Based on the very small head surface of the sprags we may install a very large number of sprags on a given space resulting in a very high torque capacity.

3.) Optimum design of the clamping curve.

The special design and the very high production accuracy are the warranty for maximum indexing accuracy and reliability.



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