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Components of the RA Series Backstopping Clutch

Our RA Series backstopping sprag clutch has a keyway at the inner ring and mounting tab at the outer ring. Other key characteristics:

Bore Diameter (ID)
15 to 40 mm
Outer Diameter (OD)
65 to 110 mm
34 mm
Double sealed
Operating Temp
212 F / 100 C
Oil lubricated for life
Manufactured with our FE 400 Z tension spring
On request, they can be manufactured with our FE 400 M meander spring
Part Number Spring Type Bore Diameterd [mm]Outer DiameterD [mm]WidthW [mm]Nominal TorqueT [N⋅m]Nominal TorqueT [ft⋅lb]  

Torque Information

Backstops can transmit nominal torque mounted on solid shafts. If mounted on hollow shafts, the transmittable torque decreases. In this case, please contact us to receive a calculation on the transmittable torque for your application.

Backstopping Clutch with Mounting Tab Application Examples:

  • Conveyors
  • Manufacturing lines

Our team of mechanical engineers work with applications across various industries.

All Markets & Applications

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