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GMN Ball Bearing Sprag Clutch Specs & Options

52100 bearing steel, hardened & ground
Inner Ring
Press fit (FK) or Keyway (FKN)
Outer Ring
Press fit (FK and FKN) Keyway (FKNN)
Oil or grease
Tension Spring (GMN FE 400 Z)
Sealed Clutches
Delivered with grease lubrication that will last the lifespan of the clutch.
Open Clutches
Shipped with an oil preservative for rust protection.

Product Table Key

Press Fit at Inner & Outer Ring
Keyway on Inner Ring, Press Fit on Outer Ring
Keyway on Inner and Outer Ring
Single Seal, Grease or Oil Lubricated
Double Seal, Grease Lubricated
FK Ball Bearing Clutch
Part Number Spring Type Bore Diameterd [mm]Outer DiameterD [mm]WidthW [mm]Nominal TorqueT [N⋅m]Nominal TorqueT [ft⋅lb]  

Ball Bearing Sprag Clutch Application Examples

  • Industrial Machines
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Packaging/Production Machinery

Note: All GMN clutches can be used in Backstopping, Indexing & Overrunning applications.

Our engineers have experience in several industries, providing quality support to help you find the proper bearing clutch for your application.

All Markets & Applications

packaging application

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