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What are CF Labyrinth Seals?

CF Seals sit directly against the bearing, eliminating the need for added seal space inside a spindle. These are our newest advancement in labyrinth seal technology. When comparing them to an L Type Labyrinth Seal or M Type Labyrinth Seal, the CF Seal has some key advantages:

  • 100% sealing efficiency against splashing liquids, when rotating or when still
  • Quick & easy installation, usually without needing to rebuild the spindle. Installation consists of using a small cylinder to push the seal into place.
  • Load is transferred through the CF Seal to the Angular Contact Bearing
  • CF Seal sizes are directly matched to the bearing size
  • Limitless RPM because the CF seals are designed to exceed the high precision bearings they are mounted near.
  • Compact design that is small enough to add during a spindle rebuild
  • CF Labyrinth Seals require little to no axial space which leads to a more compact, less expensive spindle design.

The CF Seal also shares a few key benefits that you’ve come to love about the Type L and Type M Labyrinth Seal, such as:

  • No rotating friction
  • No running temperature increases
  • A limitless lifespan*

* Pending no hard contamination

GMN CF labyrinth seal

CF Labyrinth Seal Options

  • Material Options: Nitride Steel or Aluminum
    • Nitride Steel can carry a bearing preload through the seal
  • Speed limit exceeds same-sized bearing RPMs
  • Temperature Ranges:
    • Nitride Steel: -40°F to 338°F (-40°C to 170°C)
    • Aluminum: -40°F to 392°F (-40°C to 200°C)

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Part Number Inner DiameterID [mm]Outer DiameterOD [mm]WidthW [mm]Axial ClearanceSax [mm]  

Breakthrough in Labyrinth Sealing Technology

Watch as our GMN headquarters in Germany works through the design of our CF labyrinth seals.

GMN CF Seal & Spindle Test

Watch as our GMN High Precision Spindle performs a coolant flow trajectory using our CF Labyrinth Seal.  Volume performed in this test is well above standard application use and the results are still at 100% for sealing efficiency using our CF Labyrinth Seal.

GMN CF Seal & Spindle Test (Alternate View)

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