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Bearing Services

At GMN Bearing USA, “good enough” just doesn’t cut it. That’s why when it comes to our precision products, there’s no competition. Here are just a few reasons why:

We are known for quality in all we do. Whether it’s shipping a precision component to a distributor or partnering with an OEM engineer to offer technical support for a new application, we provide a quality-driven approach to all of your precision needs.


Man with glasses looking at a metal part.

The entire production process for GMN products is done with the utmost cleanliness and strict adherence to multiple international standards.  Upon arrival, all GMN Bearing USA products are immediately inspected and the contents are verified. All received, packed, and shipped items are double checked by two different departments for accuracy.


Hands wearing blue gloves applying grease to a bearing.

Many bearing companies charge for the time and cost to grease bearings. GMN sees greasing bearings as a service and partnership with our customers. We use a precise method to add just the right amount of grease in a clean and controlled environment to ensure success of the lubrication in the application.

For these reasons, GMN does not charge to add grease!


Man wearing a blue jacket and white hard hat looking through a microscope.

If our customers have an application issue that involves one of our products, our engineering department partners with you to help diagnose the root cause. We can support with multiple levels of reporting and photographs to ensure you get what you need from the testing/failure analysis.  This is the last step of our Quality 360° Process – the feedback loop. We work with customers to ensure quality doesn’t just meet our standards but exceeds theirs as well.

We can offer Bearing Alternatives

Even though we have one of the largest inventories of precision bearings in North America, sometimes an item might not be in stock. That doesn’t mean our customers are out of luck or that they must wait for the bearing to arrive. Oftentimes, there are suitable alternatives in stock. Your GMN Bearing USA representative would be happy to discuss options with you.

Strategic Sourcing for Non-GMN Product

We are sometimes asked by our customers for help with sourcing non-GMN products, either because they have experienced some type of supply chain disruption through their existing suppliers or because they value our service and experience (or both!). It is very common for our customers to purchase many products from us because of our high level of customer service and how this makes their lives easier.

We are selective in what we choose to sell and with whom we align ourselves. This enables us – and our customers – to maintain elevated levels of quality in service and products.

Because of our position in the industry and long-standing relationships with many organizations and suppliers, we are often able to assist with sourcing challenges our customers face. While it is not our business strategy to offer all types and all sizes of bearings, we are customer service focused and will absolutely support your efforts where we can.

Communication is key; reach out to us, and we will always do our best to help!

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Bearing Rework

If the exact desired bearing is not in stock but we have one that matches everything except the preload, that bearing can be reworked to match what is needed.

GMN has a partnership with a facility in the United States that specializes in bearing alteration and is equipped to handle the super high precision machining required to modify a bearing preload. That means that any bearing in stock at our facility can be altered to match the required preload, including custom preload values.

Our customers have taken advantage of using reworked bearings for decades with great success. This option prevents having to wait for long production lead times at a minimal cost increase.

Business Reviews

As part of our effort to build collaborative relationships that benefit our customers, GMN Bearing USA offers periodic and flexible business reviews. Not all customers need this level of service, but those that do can benefit in many ways.

The review may include:

  • Analysis of purchasing trends
  • Cost-savings recommendations
  • Assistance with forecasting
  • Guidance for timing of orders to ensure an uninterrupted supply chain
  • Industry insight and perspective

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the content and benefits that are available in our business review. Each is tailored to your specific needs.
Request a business review with your GMN Bearing USA Account Manager anytime to discuss your needs.

Flexible Purchasing Agreements (FPAs)

GMN Bearing USA has a dynamic approach to helping you secure your supply chain, and one tool used with great success is our Flexible Purchasing Agreement (FPA).

The FPA allows us to manage the production of the parts you are forecasted to need and have them on the shelf when you are ready to receive them – without impacting your cash flow. It is a new and improved blanket PO concept, with key enhancements for you.

Educational Webinars

We are firmly committed to providing value to our customers in dynamic ways and continuing to improve ourselves. One of the ways we do this is through educational webinars.

The webinars are tailored to each customer and their objectives, so that we can be sure to deliver relevant, useful content. We welcome the opportunity to engage with you and your teams to help each other be successful.

About Our Services

Rapid Response Times

All inquiries are responded to within 1 business day, most within 1 hour. Most orders ship the same day they are ordered, except for custom and relube’s - of course.

Expert-Level Support

Our onsite mechanical engineers & sales support specialists provide answers to your most difficult questions.

Quality 360°

We maintain one of the highest Quality Standards in the industry. Quality 360° covers the entire life cycle of our GMN products, from receiving to shipping, from initial questions to complete engineering design.

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