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At GMN Bearing USA, we are focused on quality in everything we do. Our engineering expertise and precision products are the best in the industry.

P4+ Bearings

GMN knows that super precision bearing tolerancing is critical and this is especially true on the inner diameter (ID), outer diameter (OD), and width (W). The fits on the shaft and housing can have large effects on how bearings perform.

GMN marks every P4+ bearing with the exact value of the ID, OD, and W deviations. In addition to that, all GMN P4+ bearings have a circle laser etched on the inner ring that indicates where the high point of the inner ring is. This way, multiple bearings can be arranged to optimize the balance of the bearing set.

A 6000 series bearing with orange arrows pointing to O, -3, and -1/-43.

P2 Runouts

People use precision angular contact bearings because of the need for tight manufacturing tolerances that translate to bearing performance and life. Of the manufacturing tolerances, the runouts, or the running tolerances, are the most critical values for bearing performance - i.e. running accuracy.

For this reason, all GMN P4+ angular contact bearings are manufactured with P2 runouts. That means that for the cost of a P4 bearing, GMN’s customers are receiving the dynamics of a P2 precision bearing.

Universal Matching

Many bearing manufacturers push to have bearing pairs that are optimized for a specific bearing arrangement, back to back, face to face, etc. For GMN, the universal matching tolerances are so consistent that GMN’s angular contact bearings can achieve similar benefits as using matched sets.

For this reason, GMN stocks almost exclusively universally matched bearings making it easier for the customer to get a working bearing cross from another brand. It also means that customers don’t need to buy bearings as an optimized pair, triplex set, or quad set. Since the individual bearings are universally ground, individual pieces can be purchased to make up the required set.

greasing application

No Grease Fees

GMN sees greasing bearings as a service and key aspect of the partnership with our customers. We use a precise method to add just the right amount of grease in a clean and controlled environment to ensure success of the lubrication in the application.

Too much or too little grease can cause issues for any application, including but not limited to shorter application life and high temperatures. The trust that our customers have in GMN to lubricate or relubricate their products is of the utmost importance. A single human hair can decrease the life of an application, this is why GMN is nothing short of persnickety about its relubrication processes. Because of all of these reasons, GMN doesn’t even consider charging for this value added service.

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