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We have high expectations.

Quality goes into everything we do.

Our quality measures go above what’s required of ISO standards, we check and triple-check every step–from manufacturing to production, to receiving and shipping.

You might say we have control issues and we’re ok with that because we like the end results. For example, our quality control process for receiving and shipping is internally measured. We strive for flawless order accuracy, this is important for our customers and therefore important for us.

We know our customers rely on us for speed, but they also rely on us for accuracy. Accuracy is a vital component to our customers’ success and accuracy is the end result of a job well done.

This is what quality means to us.

Two people wearing gray work shirt looking at a machine, one pointing  to the machine.

GMN Quality 360°

GMN Quality Control & Quality Assurance Methods

Quality 360° are the measures we take as a GMN company to ensure that quality isn’t just something we say, but the action steps we take with our GMN products.

  1. Raw Material Sourcing: High-quality with consistency and reliability. This is the standard we set with all our sub-suppliers. We are picky because precision components depend on the best raw materials.
  2. Testing: Our testing facilities simulate application calculations and other designs to ensure constant uniformity and a product free of defects.
  3. Measurement: Our independent in-house quality control department measures manufactured components for precision and accuracy.
  4. Assembly: Building the manufactured components is completed in strict cleanroom conditions.
  5. Research & Development: Future-focused innovation is what drives our cutting-edge developments in R&D. Touchdown (Backup) Bearings, measurement technology & motion technology are just a few examples of how GMN is leading the future of innovation.
  6. Certification & Compliance: GMN is Conflict Mineral Free, ISO 9001 certified, ISO 14001 (Environmental certification), RoHS certified & compliant.
  7. Receiving: Upon arrival, all GMN Bearing USA products are immediately inspected for damage, and the contents are verified.
  8. Validity: All received, packed, and shipped items are double-checked by two different departments for accuracy.
  9. Analysis & Feedback: If our customers have an application issue that involves one of our products, our engineering department partners with you to help diagnose the root cause. This is the last step of our Quality 360° Process, which we call the feedback loop. We work with customers to ensure quality doesn’t just meet our standards but exceeds theirs as well.

Our quality standards are unachievable for many companies, but are strictly expected at GMN Bearing USA.

We are serious about our commitment to quality.

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