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When selecting bearings for power generation and power industry applications, factors such as load capacity, speed, temperature, lubrication requirements, and reliability are crucial considerations. Additionally, regular maintenance and monitoring of bearing conditions are necessary to ensure optimal performance, prevent failures, and extend the lifespan of power generation equipment.

At GMN Bearing USA, we are experts in providing the best bearings for your power generation applications.

Common Power Generation Applications

  • Turboexpanders/Turbocompressors
  • Turbine Heat & Power Technologies
  • Touchdown/Backup Bearings
  • Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS)
  • Industrial Flywheel Applications

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Turboexpanders & Turbocompressors

Turboexpander and turbocompressor technology can be used in multiple ways, including but not limited to pipeline compressor stations, power generation, and initial compression for gaseous transport.

No matter what the end use, they are spinning fast and need a long Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR). GMN bearings perfectly align with these requirements. Both high precision and high rigidity insure a good long application life.

Touchdown/Backup Bearings

Touchdown or Backup bearings are an animal unto itself. Negative preloads, instantaneous temp increases, rotational velocity, rotordynamics, (backwards) whirl, etc. are not for a run of the mill bearing application engineer.

These applications take a specialist in Touchdown bearings, and it just so happens that we have one of the only backup bearing experts in North America ready to take your call! If your application is not achieving the number of events you expect, give us a call today.

Uninterruptible Power Source (UPS)

As society proceeds to move more and more digital, server centers and internet uptime are becoming increasingly important. These applications, along with smoothing the power grid, providing a hospital power before the generator kicks in, or regenerative power from large moving objects slowing down are all uses of flywheel technologies as an uninterruptible power source or similar.

These applications need to spin forever with high rigidity to maximize motor efficiency and flux alignment. Very high safety factors for RPM’s, loads, and lubrication are all vitally important to achieve even an acceptable life, let alone a long application life.

When working with a bearing supplier on an application that could literally save lives, be sure their engineers and service are up to the standards you need.

Two black server machines
Turbine diagram with labeled parts

Turbine Heat & Power Technologies

Turbines can be powered by a variety of ways to spin a generator to create electricity or drive another function. When using waste heat or another temperature fluctuation method to drive a turbine, every single micro Newton-millimeter of resistance matters. These applications need to be at the top of efficiency to achieve an optimized total output. This can be achieving the largest amount of electrical generation, recirculating air/gas, to compression or medium movement.

In any of the plethora of usages, GMN Super Precision Ball Bearings are going to be at the crux of the design, being the component with the highest impact on success.

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Quality is at the forefront of everything we do, from bearing support to shipping. Our on-site engineers are ready to help you find the most advantageous bearings for your power generation application.

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