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How GMN Bearing USA’s Sprag Clutches & Ball Bearings Can Improve Machine Performance

Construction applications operate in tough environments and machine operators are responsible for reliable equipment performance. Construction equipment operates with a high amount of vibration and in environments that can easily become contaminated.

A large yellow construction crane lifting a white box.

GMN radial ball bearings and non-contact labyrinth seals are a good choice for reliability and protection from contamination, a great match for construction applications.

In just about every industry, a winch can be found reliably working to provide critical safety and support. A sprag clutch is an important component located inside the winch that locks the motor shaft to the brake assembly, preventing the spool from unwinding when the motor stops.

Many winch OEMs rely on the GMN FE 8000 series sprag clutch for its reliability, and quality. Whether your winch takes a boat out of the water, helps a lineman lift a telephone pole, or maneuvers industrial machines into position, a GMN FE 8000 is a great choice for your winch application.

GMN FE 8000 Sprag Clutch

Our FE 8000 sprag clutch is a popular component inside many industrial winches because of its no RPM limit and unique sprag design. The sprags press against the shaft when spinning at high speeds, always ready to engage. Many clutches on the market have sprags that ‘lift off’  when spinning at high operational speeds which leads to the clutch not being able to engage when needed. 

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GMN sprag clutch
GMN radial ball bearing

GMN Radial Ball Bearings

Radial ball bearings are very common in construction applications because of their versatility.

A key differentiator between a radial ball bearing and an angular contact ball bearing is being able to carry axial load in both directions. This characteristic can allow for a more simple and robust design.

Radial ball bearings are also commonly available with large ball options to carry a heavier load and create that extra safety factor for construction applications. It’s the nature of the construction industry that equipment really gets used, GMN can help design your products to be robust enough to take any abuse.

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GMN Non-Contact Labyrinth Seals

Construction takes place primarily in the elements. This is anywhere from extreme high/low temperatures to rain, mud, sleet, and snow. Rotating components need to keep rotating no matter what the environment, contamination, or usage.

GMN labyrinth seals are a key way to keep rotating equipment working for much longer periods. Down time and Mean Time Between Repair (MTBR) can be the difference between profit and loss on a job. Using a no wear, no maintenance cycle seal can save costs and increase profits for many construction applications.

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GMN CF labyrinth seal

Prevent System Failure with GMN’s Quality Sprag Clutches

When a hydraulic winch company came to GMN for help after experiencing product failures from another manufacturer’s sprag clutch, we provided a direct “drop-in” replacement from the GMN FE 8000 series sprag clutch product line.

The FE 8000 series has a unique design that prevents the sprags from lifting off the shaft at high RPMs, completely removing a maximum RPM limit. This key feature eliminated the product failure the customer was experiencing, and improved overall functionality of the system.

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The GMN Advantage

No matter what kind of lifting apparatus, we understand that safety and quality are at the forefront of every winch company. All our GMN clutches are manufactured with the highest precision tolerance standards to ensure a high-quality reliable product every time.

Talk to one of our onsite engineers today for more information about incorporating an FE 8000 series clutch into your winch application or request a quote for pricing and availability.

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