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Aerospace Bearing and Sprag Clutch Applications

Aerospace and defense industries require reliability in critical situations and operate in a multitude of harsh environments. Any rotating equipment within Aerospace must make it to the planned maintenance cycle, if it doesn’t, problems can range from minor discomfort to emergency situations. GMN precision bearings are great for:

  • Aircraft motor generators
  • Helicopter rotors
  • Starters - Turbine or ICE
  • Satellite-to-satellite communication

When you open a GMN precision bearing, you know it is going to work. This confidence is invaluable within the Aerospace and Defense industries.

Aircraft Motor Generators

Motor Generators within Aerospace can serve multiple functions. Some are running every time the aircraft is running, others can be used as secondary or emergency backup.

Pending the application usage, this can change many of the design parameters, including but not limited to, RPM, temperature range, contaminant issues, forces, etc. Having solid bearing engineers to support your design, bolstered by a dependable brand, can make all the difference when spending lots of time and money bringing a product to market for Aerospace usage.

Contact a GMN Bearing USA engineer today to see how we can support your efforts.

Back view of a helicopter on the ground in an open garage. There is a sunrise in front of the helicopter.

Helicopter Rotors

The rotor or propeller rotation may not need a super precision bearing, but they do need to be able to disengage to allow rotor overspeed and protect the motor. This surge/overspeed protection can be accomplished utilizing GMN Sprag Clutches.

These highly engineered mechanical components can completely change the performance and lifespan of any drivetrain to propeller assembly.

Give GMN Bearing USA a call and talk to an engineer to support your design efforts to integrate a GMN Sprag Clutch today.


Starters for turbines or internal combustion engines require both bearings and sprag clutches to ensure proper functionality and longevity.

Proper aerospace bearing selection and implementation will increase life and reduce improper drag and energy loss. Sprag clutches will allow either engage/disengagement or overrunning once the powerplant is started. This design option varies by industry, turbine/ICE, or company preference.

Contact GMN today for starter design/improvement support.

A satellite in space floating above Earth.

Satellite Communication

The communication between satellites is very tricky and very precise work. Most of this is done with lasers because of the extremely long distances. The positioning of these lasers is done by super precision motors and aerospace bearings.

If a signal is being sent up to a few hundred miles, even a single degree or micron can break the communication link. After this very tall problem has been solved, then the bearings need to be able to live through launch and the extreme temperatures.

Aerospace bearings destined for space must be designed over size to handle the launch, and dry lubrication to handle the harsh environment.

GMN Bearing USA has been through this process multiple times with GMN products already in space. Contact GMN today to lean on this specific and beneficial experience.

Types of Bearings and Clutches Used in Aerospace & Defense Applications

Engineers for Aerospace Services

Our on-site engineering support team is here to help you improve your application with our aerospace bearings.

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