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Robot manufacturers need industrial components that are uncompromising in fidelity and dependability which is why so many use our GMN precision components. Surgical robots and semiconductor production robots are a few examples of robotic applications that need precision ball bearings.

Robotics & Automation Applications

  • Robotic arms
  • Motor & gearbox backlash protection
  • Precision and/or high speed motors

Robot applications need high rotational and positional accuracy, which make GMN angular contact ball bearings a great match. Furthermore, our team of onsite engineers work with OEM engineering teams to help speed up time-to-market and ensure correct product selection.

Benefits of Ball Bearings For Robotics & Automation Applications

Ball bearings used in robotics and automation enable:

  • Smooth and efficient movement
  • Reduce friction
  • Support loads
  • Provide motion control
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Enhance longevity and reliability
  • Optimize size and weight
  • Offer versatility in various applications

Customers in this industry rely on GMN angular contact bearings as they are excellent at precision motion control, offering stability, accuracy and repeatability. This ensures that robotic arms, grippers and other moving parts can perform their duties with precision and reliability.

GMN non-contact labyrinth seals are also common in robotics for an added layer of protection against contamination.

Improve Your Application with Help From GMN Bearing USA Engineers

Our in-house team of mechanical engineers are here to help you find the optimal ball bearing for your robotics application.

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