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Precision Bearings and Clutches for the Automotive Industry

Precision bearings and clutches can be utilized in a number of applications within the automotive industry. A large barrier to entry for automotive applications is the quality control, ISO, and other material traceability or other certifications that may be needed.

With GMN Bearing USA’s extensive knowledge and background, we are generally accepted as a COTS supplier - which greatly reduces the paperwork and approval processes.

Turbocharger / Supercharger

GMN Bearing USA is the bearing OEM expert in the USA for these automotive applications. The deep knowledge gained from decades in this industry and numerous OEM designs can support your efforts to bring your product to the next level.

Understanding both load and RPM duty cycles, calculations being in the ‘red’ are still generally ‘ok,’ effects of high accelerations and decelerations, and even lubrication strategies, to name a few key engineering aspects that GMN can support.

Please contact an engineer at GMN Bearing USA today to support your design efforts.

Two hands wearing gloves holding a supercharger.

Clutch within ICE Starter

Similar to other Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) uses, an automotive ICE starter utilizes a sprag clutch to properly engage with the engine. There are two main methods this technology is implemented.

First, the clutch can be set up with the starter. where The sprag clutch spins the starter gear and the ICE starts and overruns the starter the entire time the ICE is running.

A second method is to use the sprag clutch to engage/disengage the starter gear itself. In this method, the starter gear/assembly is not spinning the entire time the ICE is running.

Both methods have their pros/cons. Contact a GMN engineer today to discuss the technical differences between these options.

Overspeed Protection

There are many components within the belting system of many automotive engines that could use protection or overspeed allowance to increase efficiency - i.e., reduce drag.

This protection can come in many forms and various components. A cooling fan may need to be able to overspeed the drive belt on the engine in case a gust of wind spins it faster than the drive RPM. Using a clutch in this connection would allow the fan to overspeed without ‘pulling’ on the engine components.

A similar instance could be a pulley on a turbocharger. There may be surge instances where the exhaust gas recirculation wants to overspeed the turbine in the turbo when decelerating at a fast rate. If the turbocharger can spin at a faster rate than the engine, this can support efficiencies and protect both systems.

These are just a few couple of examples where GMN Bearing USA engineers can support overall system efficiency and protection with our automotive bearings. Contact us today!

Belting system of an automotive engine.

Electric Vehicles / Hybrid Electric Vehicles

This segment of the automotive industry is becoming a prominent market for us.

Precision automotive bearings - both radial and angular contact, and clutches are used in multiple locations in electric on these types of vehicles. Depending on the gearing design and motor speeds, super precision bearings may be required to achieve proper life requirements in automotive applications.

Automotive OEMs are also realizing the efficiency gains that can be achieved from having multiple power plants. These could be an ICE with an electric motor, multiple electric motors, or other combinations. Sprag clutches can support efficiencies and switches between power plants on a single vehicle.

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Top Bearings for Automotive Applications

GMN automotive bearings and clutches are the top choice for several automotive OEMs. Contact a GMN Bearing USA expert today to see how we can support your efforts.

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