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High precision bearings and clutches are used in various applications within the recreational sport markets to enhance performance, reliability, and ultimately, to provide the most enjoyable user experience across a range of activities.

GMN products enable smoother motion and reduced friction, making GMN bearings the #1 choice for recreational enthusiasts.

Bottom half of a bike with a person pedaling

Recreation Applications

In eBikes, GMN high precision sprag clutch elements enable power transmission and control between the motor and the drivetrain. While freewheeling, GMN clutches allow the motor to spin independently of the drivetrain when the rider stops pedaling or exceeds the eBike's maximum assisted speed. This feature prevents the motor from impeding the rider's pedaling motion and provides a more natural cycling experience.

For a backstop application, our clutches can also allow rotation in one direction while preventing rotation in the opposite direction. Insert Element Clutches are commonly used in eBike drivetrains to isolate the motor when the rider is pedaling without assistance, ensuring minimal drag and energy loss.

Clutches for eBikes also need to be compact, lightweight, and durable, which makes GMN’s unique design the perfect solution.These precision components must handle the torque and power generated by the motor while ensuring efficient power transfer with minimal energy loss. This allows ebike manufacturers to meet the necessary performance, reliability and safety standards demanded by bicycle enthusiasts.

Clutches for Auto Belay Manufacturers

Auto-belays are mechanical devices used by mountain and rock climbers to provide a controlled descent without the need for a belayer. Because of the intense need for reliability, GMN precision Sprag Clutch Elements are the braking enabling mechanisms of choice.

The unfailing performance of GMN Clutches coupled with our knowledge and expertise of this application, lets us answer any issues or questions our customers have about their design and needs. Because when you’re literally hanging by a thread, safety is the #1 priority, so you need the best!

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A black and white marine gyrocompass

Marine Gyroscopes

Gyroscopes in general, but especially marine gyroscopes, just need to work.

If the waves are rocking, the gyro is a key component that will keep all of the controls on the vessel operating as they should. GMN Super Precision bearings are the chief part in many marine gyroscopes to provide the ultimate reliability when way out to sea.

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Our team understands the importance of reliability when it comes to eBikes, auto-belays, and marine gyroscopes.

Contact us today for additional help with your recreational application!

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