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Our GMN non-contact gap seals are made from high quality plastic which provides extreme resistance against chemicals, bacteria and fungi. It’s resistant against splashing water and is the conical envelope of the labyrinth gap which pushes penetrating liquids back due to centrifugal force.

We offer two types of gap seals: S and SA Gap Seals.

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Type S Gap Seals

Characteristics of the Type S Gap Seal:

  • Diameter range (shaft) d = 10 mm to 160 mm
  • Width – depending on size 10 / 12 / 15 mm
  • For heavy contamination and lightly splashing liquids
  • Suitable for rotating shaft and/or housings
  • Temperature range -40° C to 60° C/ -40° F to 140° F

For certain applications, the sealing efficiency of a “S” Type Gap Seal may be increased by packing it with grease. The basic grease packing has to be done at GMN with a grease as per customer’s requirements. Please order “S-pregreased” and add grease type if your application requires a special grease (e.g. FDA approved)

On request we will be pleased to suggest and produce special seals for special applications, e.g. special dimensions. For slightly higher temperatures than the limit of 60° C up to 80°/ 90° C (170° F/ 200° F) we offer a special design with “O”-rings at the inner and/or outer ring to increase the reliability of the press fit. Please contact our technical staff at no obligation.

GMN type S Gap labyrinth seal
Part Number Inner DiameterID [mm]Outer DiameterOD [mm]WidthW [mm]Axial ClearanceSax [mm]  
GMN type SA Gap labyrinth seal

Type SA Gap Seals

Type SA Gap Seals with a drain groove at the outer ring may be used in case of heavy splashing liquids. These are only to be used with rotating shafts.

For more information, please see Type “S”, but no pre-greasing possible.

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