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One of GMN’s largest segments of customers are those in the industrial manufacturing sector. These applications require the highest level of perfection to withstand not only punishing conditions, but also require predictable results.

GMN’s products are for people who need things to work the first time & the 200,000th time.

Industrial Manufacturing Equipment Bearing Applications

Machine Tools

  • Spindles, live tools, live centers
  • Precision grinding machines
  • Precision lathes
  • Precision Swiss-style CNC machines

Did you know that selecting the right bearings for your spindle makes a world of difference in both performance & longevity? It’s true! Being the most critical components in your spindle, selecting quality bearings is the single most important thing you can do to keep your machines operating efficiently, longer. That’s why so many companies request GMN super precision angular contact bearings.

Machine Tool spindles often operate at high speeds, generating significant centrifugal forces and loads. GMN bearings are specifically engineered to handle these demanding conditions, providing high-speed capabilities and load-carrying capacities. And in the precision class P4+ , GMN bearings run cool & smooth, which means less wear & less repair!

Learn more about our angular contact bearings.

Gray industrial gearbox with several gears.


Industrial gearboxes come in various sizes, designs, and configurations to suit different applications. This is why our engineering expertise can help you find the perfect solution to any unique application.

We will help you select bearings with appropriate load capacities, speed ratings, and sealing options to ensure optimal performance and reliability in YOUR specific gearbox design.

We can even help answer any questions you have about proper installation, regular maintenance, and when it’s time to replace worn or damaged components to help ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your gearbox application. Let’s talk! We got you covered…

Vacuum Technology

Why is this industry so vital? Vacuum technology is a significant basis for research, development and the manufacture of innovative products, from semiconductors to the solar industry. The pressure, vacuum efficiency or media resistance can all play a role in this technology, depending on your unique vacuum pump design.

Significant performance criteria are:

  • Use of sealed bearings to protect against contamination and increase life.
  • Ceramic balls for higher speeds, minimal friction and optimized bearing dynamics
  • Integrated tribological concepts (lubricant, preservation, surface quality, materials)
  • For grease lubrication, the GMN TXM cage for low-vibration and quiet operation

Bearings are the heart of the vacuum pump – and only highly engineered bearings ensure longevity at high RPMs as well as in rough environmental conditions. Let’s talk about why GMN bearings are the right fit for your specific application needs.

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Three people working on an electric motor, one is using a wrench on the front of the motor.

(High Speed) Electric Motors

Electric motors are an important component of many industrial & commercial systems, found in a range of applications: pumps, fans, compressors, conveyors, machine tools, etc. When electric motors break down prematurely from worn out bearings, it costs time, money,
& reputation.

That's why GMN’s precision radial ball bearings are the perfect choice for this application. With tighter runouts & axial play, GMN's ABEC 7 radial ball bearings perform better & last longer in high-speed applications.

We offer flexible selection options as well:

  • Cage Material: Phenolic Resin (standard) or Polyamide with Fiberglass fill (other options available)
  • Ball Material: 52100 Bearing Steel or Ceramic (Silicon Nitride - Si3N4 )
  • Internal Clearance Options: C2, CN, C3, C4, C5
  • Shields: Open, One Shield, Two Shields (pre-greased)

Extra Wide Radial Bearings are also available!! Check them out here!

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