Roller Ramp Clutches

VS, VSNU, and VF

Roller Ramp clutches are to be used inside housings. These Roller Clutches are not self supporting and require outside bearing support to guarantee absolute concentric operation of inner and outer ring. Axial misalignments and thrust loads should be avoided.

Basic Roller Ramp Information

Roller Ramp Clutches have four main components:

  • The concentric and round raceway of the outer ring
  • The star-like shaped configuration of the clamping ramps at the inner ring
  • The clamping rollers
  • Separate spring loading for each roller, based at the inner ring

Below the maximum speeds shown in the data sheets, the rollers are ready for instant torque pick-up, as soon as the sense of rotation changes.

Some relative motion between inner and outer ring will be physically necessary for transmitting full torque due to the elastic deformation of all components involved. The relation between applied torque and the angle of twist will be linear and constant under constant operating conditions. The angel of twist may not be called slippage or intermittent slippage.

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