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Precision Radial Ball Bearings

GMN Super Precision Radial Ball Bearings are made to the same high standards as GMN Angular Contact Bearings. Radial ball bearings have the distinct advantage over Angular Contact bearings because they can accept axial load in both directions. Radial ball bearings also have a lower contact angle, ~8°, which can be an advantage in many applications. Adjusting internal clearance, installation tolerancing, and materials can adapt GMN Radial Ball Bearings to numerous high precision applications.

GMN Radial Ball Bearing applications include; Numerous Medical Industry applications, Vacuum Technology, Dry Lubrication low out gassing applications, High RPM Hybrid Bearing applications, Special Bearings or Bearing Units. These applications are only a few examples of where GMN Deep Groove Ball Bearings can be found today.

Customizing a GMN Deep Groove Ball Bearing can be simple or quite complex;

  • Cage Material Phenolic, Polyamide with Fiberglass, Steel, etc.
  • Ball Material 52100 Steel or Silicon Nitride Ceramic
  • Internal Clearance Options C2, CN, C3, C4, C5
  • Internal Clearance and Installation tolerance strategies
  • Shields
  • Lubrication Grease, Oil, Dry Lubrication options

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